A highly specialized law firm that provides legal services in the fields of insurance law and dispute resolution.

Anders Thorsen specializes in recourse, commercial and productliability, construction and property insurance and any legal issues relating tothese main areas of expertise.

Practice areas

A legal partner to assist in complex cases.

At ATHLAW, we are committed to every case and our approach is based on an informal, open and straightforward dialogue. We believe that we can achieve the best possible solution together. The foundation for our services is comprehensive specialization within insurance law and claims for contractual and non-contractual damages as well as considerable industry knowledge.

We are dedicated to providing clear advice of the highest quality without pretensions. We are constantly working to make things as simple, effective and accessible as possible.

Our services are aimed at the insurance industry, public authorities and businesses.

Legal assistance in specific areas.

ATHLAW is specialized in professional and productliability, recourse, construction and property insurance, dispute resolutionand related insurance law issues.

Commercial and product liability

ATHLaw has extensive experience in handling all aspects related to professional and product liability insurance, including issues related to both insurance coverage and liability. At the same time, we also have an understanding of and insight into the technical issues that are often at the core of this type of case.

We have in-depth knowledge of the general insurance terms as well as the various individual terms used in this area and related case law.

Once insurance coverage has been confirmed, we assist in defending the insured company that has been met with a claim. We will advise based on specialist knowledge of the rules on both contractual and non-contractual damages as well as related legal areas.


At ATHLaw, we specialize in conducting recourse cases for insurance companies with a view to obtaining compensation from the responsible tortfeasor(s).

Property insurance

ATHLAW advises within all areas of property insurance and has extensive experience in advising in coverage disputes - both in relation to standard insurance terms, special terms, optional covers and double insurance. At the same time, we also have an understanding of and insight into the technical issues that are often at the core of this type of case.

With us, advice related to property insurance includes in particular all risks construction insurance, construction damage insurance, building and movable property insurance and operating loss insurance. In relation to business loss insurance, we advise in particular on the interaction between the accounting and legal aspects in relation to the burden of proof, proof requirements and causation.

Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution is an essential part of our business.

We have extensive experience in conducting court, arbitration and appeals board cases within our specialist areas, and we often conduct cases of a highly complex technical nature and of great financial or principal importance.

In the initial phase of the case, we assess the process options of the case and lay out an effective strategy forhandling all its elements with the aim of achieving the best possible result.

Our assistance and advice span a wide variety of services such as preserving evidence, including carrying out legal surveys; assessing and unveiling litigation risks and settlement options; planning and completing settlement negotiations, including mediation and alternative dispute resolution; and planning and handling dispute resolutions before the courts, arbitration tribunals, councils and public authorities.

Insurance Law

We have considerable experience with insurance law issues and a great deal of industry knowledge. Within insurance law, our services are primarily aimed at insurance companies and includes, among other things, advice on insurance terms and conditions, claims processing and coverage assessments. We routinely represent Danish and international insurers in coverage disputes.